mercredi 19 septembre 2007

Pet Shop Boys come back en remix

PET SHOP BOYS “Disco 4”. Album de remixes. CD et Double vinyle. Sortie 8/10/07.

1. The Killers - Read My Mind [PSB Stars Are Blazing mix]
2. David Bowie With Pet Shop Boys - Hallo Spaceboy [PSB Extended mix]. 3. Pet Shop Boys - Integral [PSB Perfect Immaculate mix]. 4. Yoko Ono - Walking On Thin Ice [PSB Electro mix]. 5. Madonna - Sorry [PSB Maxi-mix]. 6. Atomizer - Hooked On Radiation [PSB Orange Alertmix]. 7. Rammstein - Mein Teil [PSB There Are No Guitars On This mix]. 8. Pet Shop Boys - I’m With Stupid [PSB Maxi-mix]

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